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Tuition Information

Tuition is based on the session~ Not the individual class or by the month.

One Session = Three Months of Classes

Tuition Payment Dates
September 4th ~ Session 1 
December 4th ~ Session 2
March 4th ~ Session 3

45 minutes classes ~ $140 a Session 

1 hour classes ~ $150 a Session  

1 hour 30 minute classes ~ $180 a Session 

2 hours classes ~ $200 a Session 


2 hours 30 minute classes ~ $225 a Session 

*There will be a $25 late fee per month for overdue accounts!
Payments will be considered late if received or postmarked after the 8th of the month that it is due.

You may pay with Cash, Money Order, or Check.

Checks should be made payable to: 
Susan’s Encore Dance Academy 

*There will be a $25 fee for any returned check, regardless of the reason!

Costume Deposit is Due October 4th

Costume Balance is Due March 4th

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